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About Us

Our Vision: To become Canada's premier police information portal.

Our Mission: To provide timely and relevant information on police related issues including recruiting, diversity, career development and public safety on this uniquely Canadian web site. was created in 2006 with the intent to bring a free information service to the broader Canadian police community in a way that would bridge the gap between rank, status, position, organization, and geography, or any other barriers.

It is aimed not only at those individuals in policing, but also at those interested in a career in policing or have an interest in policing in general, including high school and college/university students, trainers and educators, researchers and parents.

Further, is first and foremost an information based resource and will remain to be a free service to the police community and the general public in Canada and internationally. is here to serve you and will be responsive to your comments and requests. Your input makes the site a more valuable and interactive information resource. is a Division of CMLS Consulting Services Ltd. (CMLS Global) whose president, Steve Watt, has over 35 years experience in policing, 20 of which have been dedicated to the training and education of Canadian and overseas police officers.

Internationally, since 1999, Steve has been involved in bringing quality police training to officers in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Belize.

Steve's policing experienced commenced in 1971 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, as a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, now the Police Service for Northern Ireland.

In Canada he was a member of the West Vancouver Police Department for 17 years before moving in 1997 to the position of Director, Police Academy, Justice Institute of BC, a position he held for eight and a half years.

A recent international venture saw him appointed to the position of Provost, Police Academy, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), an organization of over 7,000 personnel. Steve held this position on a three year contract (2009-2012). He followed that to assist in the delivery of a UNLIRIC course on the illegal trafficking of firearms to law enforcement personnel in Belize (2013). More recently, Steve has provided consulting services to the Province of British Columbia on policing matters related to First Nation policing programs, cultural diversity and policing, and the training and development of police officers.

Steve developed the web site as a service to the police community to continue support for the professionalism of policing across Canada and to provide valuable information to those people interested in a career in policing, a truly honourable profession.