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Advanced Police Training

Training Programs and Courses

Advanced Police Training is intended as a career long development of an officer's knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance the delivery of both general and specialty policing services. The vast majority of this programming is funded by either the federal and/or provincial governments, or the member's police service and selection and participation is usually controlled through the specific police service's Training Officer.

Advanced training covers a wide variety of disciplines and topics including both individual and team delelopment. The following is a small sample of the courses and/or topics delivered to serving officers:

The following federal and provincial institutions provide advanced training services to Canadian police services.

Most of the larger police agencies have their own Academy or training and development unit to deliver advanced training programs and courses internally. They also offer training services to other police agencies as requested. Additionally, many police agencies have also developed relationships with universities across Canada to enhance research and organizational development.

E learning is provided nationally by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN).  The RCMP and other larger police agencies have developed their own internal online learning networks.