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Bullying comes in many forms, verbal, physical, social, threatening and extortion, and through cyber space?

It happens constantly around us and many children and youth are victims, but many more observe it happening and don't know how to deal with it, or don't have the confidence to deal with it, and some condone it. And it is rare for parents and adults to see the bully in action.

As a result, children and youth need the tools to know how to deal with bullying and better still, to stamp it out as unacceptable behaviour at any level through any medium.

The internet provides a vast amount of information on bullying and how to deal with the problem. The manageable number of links below were selected for their relevance and content for you to better understand the issues and explore the existing tools available to combat bullying.

Where international web sites are included, they provide valuable and relevant information that can add to your knowledge of this borderless global issue.

Bullying Links

Canada | U.S.A. | United Kingdom | Australia and New Zealand


Healthy Canadians - Bullying, What can parents do?

This government of Canada website provides helpful information on how to recognize and prevent bullying; including information on bullying intervention programs.

RCMP page on Bullying

This on-line resource is part of the RCMP's National Youth Strategy. The bullying page provides downloadable presentation materials, advice, additional resources and activities. The web site also deals with other topical issues related to today's youth including drug education and street racing.

Bully Free Alberta

This government of Alberta website provides information on bullying and abuse of children and teens, and provides good information for parents.

Stop a Bully - safe and anonymous

The Stop a Bully web site is aimed at student safety and provides a wide variety of resources and also allows for the submission of annoymous reports on bullying incidents.

Media Smarts

Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy (Media Smarts) web page on Cyberbullying providesle information for youth and parents.


Stop Bullying @

Stop Bullying is a federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and provides valuable information on the prevention of bullying for parents, teachers and other adults.

Wired Safety

Wired Safety is one of the first online safety, education and help groups on the globe and is led by a leader in the development of cyber law.  Cyber bullying is one of the many informative topics on their website.


Guidance - Preventing Bullying

The UK government's Department of Education provides literature to address bullying issues in schools that is relevat to both teachers and parents.

Childnet International - Cyberbullying Guidance

Childnet International provides information and guidance to understand, prevent and respond to Cyberbullying for youth, parents and caregivers, teachers and professionals.

Bullying UK - Family Lives

Bullying UK provides information and advise to youth, parents and teachers on avariety of bullying topics.

Anti Bullying Network

The Anti-Bullying Network was established at the University of Edinburgh in 1999 with funding from the Scottish Executive to provide free anti-bullying support to school communities. The Anti-Bullying Network is now an independent operation and provides information to youth and families on anti-bullying initiatives.


Childline is supported by the NSPCC (the UK Children's Charity) and provides information on the various types of bullying and how to address those issues as they arise.

Kidscape - preveting bullying, protecting lives

Kidscape mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives


Inform ED on Bullying

Inform ED is provided by Open Colleges, Australia, and includes resources for teachers and families on how to handle bullying.


Netsafe is New Zealand’s independent, non-profit online safety organisation providing online safety help, support, expertise and education to people in New Zealand. They have been around for almost 20 years, and provide information on bullying and harassment among other topics.

Cyberbullying New Zealand provides information on internet safety and how to create a safe online learning and social environment for children and families.  Information is provided by Dr. Martyn Wild and supported by local media providers.

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