Against Youth Violence

Run a search on 'against youth violence' and you will get over 33 million hits!  Some are relevant and current, some don't exist any more, and many are dated.

Below are a manageable number of informative sites that provide relevant and knowledgeable content on the issues around youth violence.  This is an important issue that starts in the home and we can all have a positive influence over the future by doing the right things now.


Against Youth Violence Links

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Youth and Violence This Public Health Agency of Canada web page provides an overview of youth and violence in Canada, including risk factors, through the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence.
Violence and Abuse

Health Canada's Healthy Living site provides some general information on violence and abuse if you are a victim or know someone who is a victim.

Rock Solid Foundation The Rock Solid Foundation was started in 1997 by a group of law enforcement officials, Victoria Shamrocks and Canadian Rugby players and since then they have reached over 750,000 young people with their violence prevention message.  The site provides an interactive overview of the Foundation's W.I.T.S. K-3 program and plans are in place to expand to other grades in the near future.
Safe Harbour - Youth Ambassador Safe Harbour - the Youth Ambassador Diversity Program a province of BC program that engages youth in creating a welcoming environments for diversity in their schools and communities.
Gang Prevention Real facts about gangs and crime prevention in BC. This website is a result of the 8 Community Assessment Action Networks that participated in the B.C. provincial youth gang prevention strategy.
Youth Against Violence Line This Information Services web site provides information on the Youth Against Violence Line, an initiative funded by the province of B.C.
VIP (Violence Intervention Project)

The Violence Intervention Project is an initiative of the East Metro Youth Services, Toronto, and is a program to "reduce youth violence by engaging and mobilizing marginalized youth in creating safer schools and communities through training, skill development and civic participation."  The site contains good information on a broad variety of violence issues.

WAYVE (Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere)

WAYVE is a youth based violence prevention project in the Waterloo Region of Ontario.  WAYVE's purpose is to address youth issues such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, racism and gang violence and has resources available 24/7.

VIRSA (Community Alliance Against Youth Violence) VIRSA was formed in December 2002 by members of the Sikh community in response to the increasing level of violence among the Indo-Canadian youth in British Columbia.  VIRSA is a culturally sensitive community based initiative and working with other service providers to prevent and reduce violence.
LOVE (Leave Out ViolencE) LOVE has been in existence since 1993 and is a leading not for profit youth violence prevention network in Canada. LOVE is led by youth for youth to give young people a purpose and voice that will empower them to take a stand against violence.
ProAction Cops and Kids is a program to promote positive relationships between police and kids at risk and is supported by the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Association, among others.

WHO Youth Violence

The World Health Organization's web pages on youth violence.
U.S.A. Prevent Violence dot org is a California based web site with Strategies to Keep Youth Safe.  It provides information on policy, statistics, reports and publications, and fact sheets on promising programs that have been implemented in major California cities.
OK 2 This page provides information on youth mental health and how to address and discuss the issues and to minimize fear and create a better understanding for the youth and their families.
SAVE: Students Against Violence Everywhere Focusing on crime prevention, conflict management and service projects, SAVE students are providing positive peer influences in violence prevention efforts.
CDC's Youth Violence page The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention's youth violence overview with sub topics on fact sheets, activities, publications, prevention strategies, and related links

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