Bullying comes in many forms, verbal, physical, social, threatening and extortion, and through cyber space? 

It happens constantly around us and many children and youth are victims, but many more observe it happening and don't know how to deal with it, or don't have the confidence to deal with it, and some condone it.  And it is rare for parents and adults to see the bully in action.

As a result, children and youth need the tools to know how to deal with bullying and better still, to stamp it out as unacceptable behaviour at any level through any medium.

The internet provides a vast amount of information on bullying and how to deal with the problem.  The manageable number of links below were selected for their relevance and content for you to better understand the issues and explore the existing tools available to combat bullying.

Where international web sites are included, they provide valuable and relevant information that can add to your knowledge of this borderless global issue.


Bullying Links

Canada  |  USA  |  United Kingdom  |  Australia and New Zealand



bullying.org Bullying.org is a Canadian web site that has been online since 2000 and was the creation of a Canadian father and teacher.  The web site provides a broad variety of very relevant information, tips, pamphlets and a printable e-Zine, "Be the Change!" News.
cyberbullying.ca Cyberbullying.ca is a resource developed by Bullying.org specifically focused on online bullying.
b-free from bullying b-free.ca is an initiative of the Alberta government Children Services and was created in cooperation with a group of Alberta youth who believe we can all make a difference.

S-Team Heros; and

Bully Free Alberta

S-Team Heros is another web site of the Alberta government specifically designed for children and early teens.  Bully Free Alberta is the related site for parents.

RCMP page on Bullying This on-line resource is part of the RCMP's National Youth Strategy.  The bullying page provides downloadable presentation materials, advice, additional resources and activities.   The web site also deals with other topical issues related to today's youth including drug education and street racing.
bullybeware.com Bully Beware is a resource provided by three British Columbia school principles and provides a broad range of information on bullying issues.

Healthy Canadians: Bullying, What can Parents Do?

The government of Canada web page on bullying provides insight into bullying, stats, helpful hints and links to other sites across Canada and internationally.
Stop a Bully - safe and anonymous The Stop a Bully web site is aimed at student safety and provides a wide variety of resources and also allows for the submission of annoymous reports on bullying incidents.
Media Awareness Network The Canadian Media Awareness Network's web page on Challenging Cyber Bullying
Cyberbullying: the New Online Crime Cyberbullying: The New Online Crime.....this site provides a good overview of the growth in Cyber Bullying and includes links to a number of websites related to Cyberbullying including the warning signs, solutions, social networking, parents guide, case studies and more.....
KidsHealth.org This Kids Health page is on bullying, however, the site is very extensive covering a broad range of Kids Health issues and well worth a visit.  It has separate areas for kids, teens and parents with their own design and interactive age appropriate content.  Kids Health is a project of the Nemours Foundation.
stopcyberbullying.org Stop Cyber Bullying is also a program of the Wired Safety Group, WiredSafety.org, and materials are presented in user friendly format.
aaastateofplay.com This Guide to Bullying Prevention by Kim Hart is included on the '...state of play' website and includes a number of additional links to further information.
United Kingdom
ChatDanger.com The Chat Danger web site is a resource by ChildNet International providing guidance on e-communications involving young people and where they can lead. This page provides advice on how to deal with threatening e-mail.
bullyonline.org Bully Online provides a significant amount of information on bullying at work, school and in the family.
bullying.co.uk The Bullying web site is user friendly and provides volumes of information on a broad range of bullying topics for pupils, parents and schools.
antibullying.net The Anti Bullying web site is funded by The Scottish Executive (government) and provides focused information on bullying in school communities.
childline.org.uk The bullying page on Child Line UK provides tips for beating bullying, a downloadable bullying diary, and information sheets for children, parents, teachers and other professionals.
Don't Suffer in Silence The UK's Department for Education bullying page provides content on combating bullying.
Kidscape Kidscape is a UK based charity that specifically deals with issues to prevent bullying and child abuse.  Their web site provides valuable information and resources for kids, teens, parents and teachers and other professionals.
StopText Bully - Do something dot org The Stop Text Bully web site provides information on how to deal with bullying transmitted as text through mobile phones and other communication devices.
Australia and New Zealand
informED informED is a web site hosted by Open Colleges in Australia and includes a variety of educational resources for teachers, students and trainers including information on How To Handle Bullying.
nobully.org.nz This New Zealand web site is kid friendly and provides separate pages for kids, and for parents and teachers.

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