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Transit/Railway Police Services in Canada

Transit Police

British Columbia | Alberta | Ontario | Quebec

National Railway Police

The following provinces have either Transit specific police services, or security services whose members may be appointed Special Provincial Constables.

British Columbia

BC has the unique distinction of having the only armed transit police service in Canada, GVTAPS (the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority Police Service), became fully operational on December 4, 2005.

GVTAPS operates as a Designated Policing Unit authorized by the provincial Police Act:



There are no transit specific police in Alberta and all incidents relating to transit are the responsibility of the jurisdictional police service.   The City of Calgary, however, does have a Calgary Transit Security Service that provides 24 hour security on the system's CTrain service.

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OC Transpo (City of Ottawa Public Transit Services) employ Special Provincial Constables for the safety and security of the transit system and their riders.   Uniformed and plainclothes Transit Special Constables are sworn Peace Officers. They have the powers of a Police Officer to enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, the Liquor License act, the Trespass to Property Act, and the Safe Streets Act on all transit vehicles and property.


Also, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) employs Special Constables appointed by the Toronto, Peel and York Regional Police Service Boards to provide policing and security services on the commission's system.  The officers operate in either uniform or plain clothes and have police powers to enforce the following on TTC property and vehicles:



Although Montreal has a Transit Security Service (STM), there are no transit specific police in Quebec and all criminal related incidents relating to transit are the responsibility of the jurisdictional police service.




National Railway Police


There are two national Railway Police Services in Canada:


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