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Customized Programming and Consulting Services provides a broad range of Customized Training and Consulting Services to meet your specific needs and delivered through a network of professional associates.

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Are your internal and external communications effective?  Are they clear, concise, accurate and convey the correct message?  How you communicate with management, staff and external stakeholders can support or detract from your organizational goals and effectiveness. can assess your communication practices and provide input, training and direction to meet your organization's specific communication needs.

Management Practices:

What makes a good manager?  Is your team aware of their strengths and weaknesses?  It is said that an organization's greatest resources are its people, but they are also the source of most of its problems. can provide training, development and assessment for current and new managers in your organization.

Leadership Development:

Some people are natural leaders while others need to work at developing and enhancing their leadership skills.  Leadership can come in many forms and leaders are present at every level in all organizations. can provide traditional Leadership Development courses as well as more emerging philosophies such as the concept of Leadership through Emotional Intelligence.

Strategic Planning:

Does your organization have a Strategic Plan?  Do all management and staff know what your Plan is? Was it developed by management in isolation or collaboratively with broad input from all stakeholders?  It is important that everyone in your organization is aware of your Strategic Plan as it will help guide future managerial decisions and allow others to understand why certain decisions are being made. can provide training in Strategic Planning and/or facilitate the Strategic Planning process in your organization.

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Cyber Crime:

Cyber related crime is a growth industry and a challenge to law enforcement globally.  As technology changes how we communicate and defines the future in a positive way, it also creates a need for oversight and technical based investigative skills. and its associates can provide training on internet based investigations, e-mail tracing, data recovery and on-line investigative techniques.

Media Strategies:

Dealing with the media can be a challenge and more so when dealing with both major and sensitive incidents.  Do you have a media strategy in place for such events or do you hope that it will not happen to your organization?  The question is not 'if' it will happen, but rather 'when' it will happen. can work with your organization to develop an effective Media Plan for such incidents.

Leading Change:

Implementing change in an organization is one of the most challenging tasks a manager will ever face as staff are forced out of their comfort zone and into a new and uncomfortable environment.  Change management takes time, patience, transparency and a truly collaborative environment.  Implementing change requires a sound transitional plan. can assist in the development of your transitional plan and implementation of change in your organization.

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Safety and Security:

Crime, safety and terrorism are on the forefront of world news on a daily basis. offers a broad range of programming that addresses issues on organized crime, managing critical incidents, special event planning, and intelligence gathering and analysis, among other topics.

Conference Planning: brings conference planning experience to your organization.  We will work with your conference planning steering committee to bring you a complete conference planning and management service.  Previous conferences include Police Leadership, Training and Education, and Diversity themes with up to 700+ delegates.

Motivating People:

Motivating people and building teams around "Winning Relationships in the Workplace" will strengthen your organization as you address future challenges.  The Winning Relationships in the Workplace TM program has proven to be a permanent and valuable resource to building long term internal and external relationships in support of your organizational goals.

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Learning Organizations:

Are you providing the necessary training and development for your management and staff to support high performance in both the short and long term?  A comprehensive organizational and individual training plan can assist you to become a Learning Organization that includes management and staff taking joint ownership for their ongoing development and growth.

Skill Assessment/Development: can provide organizational and individual assessments that will assist your organization meet the rapidly changing demands of today's environment.  Change has become common place and demands that individuals and organizations enhance their skills and core competencies to keep pace, or lose ground.



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