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Training and Development

Introduction and Overview

Police training in Canada varies from province to province. There are no mandatory national training standards per se. There is, however, a method of equivalency between most federal, provincial and police agency training institutions.

For example, Basic Police Recruit Training varies across the country from approximately 12 to 26 weeks of theoretical and practical study, plus a field practicum component of two to six months before a new police officer can be deployed alone. Further, Recruit Training can be either pre-employment or post employment depending on the province, or the organization you are applying to.

Upon graduation, officers are usually deployed to a patrol team for the first several years of service. Although most officers stay with the same police service for the length of their career, the ability to move from police agency to police agency does exist. This is accomplished through equivalency and an 'exemption (from training) policy' specific to each province and/or police agency. There is a stringent selection process in place that will require testing of skills and ability before hiring and some provinces or agencies may also require further training on department and provincial policy and standards before deployment. Smaller police agencies often hire experienced exemption candidates as it is a shorter process and they do not have the downtime related to recruit training for new police officers.

Police Advanced Training, sometimes referred to as in-service training, provides training to serving members to further develop their skills and abilities in operational policing practices, specialty policing, and in police administration and management practices.

Most of the above mentioned training is delivered through federal or provincial police training institutions and police agencies themselves with currently serving police faculty. However, some specialty training is delivered through contracting the services of private consultants who are experts in their field, such as investigating computer, internet and technology based crime.

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